Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ella's Round Robin Applique

*** NO LOOKING ELLA!!!****

I cut in line to add Ella's name to her center.  I thought I should do the hand work before the quilt became too big!! ;D

For Ella, I added her name using a Celtic Knot tutorial I was given by my neighbor.

I used a pressing bar to make the bias tube.  The strip is 1/4" wide.

This border by Amber ROCKS!!  They are little paper pieced spools!  WOW!

Ella did an awesome job paper piecing her pink sewing machine :)

More of these AWESOME spools!

One last close up of my hand stitching :)  Not too shabby ;D


  1. Love Ella's name and those falling spools. So adorable. Everyone is really bringing their A games to this round robin.

  2. Great job Marion. I love all of the round robins. This is something I would be afraid to do.

  3. This is so pretty! Is there a pattern for the sewing machine? My house is under contract, and I would love to make this for my next sewing room once I relocate. Everyone has done a good job on their part of the round robin. Love the way you made her name. Very nice! If there is a pattern for the sewing machine, could someone email me with it?

  4. Oh my goodness, those spools look awesome! Quiet a lot of patience paper piecing it.... I love the way you made Ella's name, it's gorgeous! I can't believe it's only a 1/4 inch wide! Great job Girlfriend! :)


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