Friday, August 30, 2013

Konda's Round Robin Medallion

****WARNING!!!!  KONDA!!!! DO NOT PROCEED!!!****

This is a sacrificial picture because Konda's blog reader show's her the first picture on each of my blog posts...LOL!!!  (BTW, this is a blurry pic of a GIANT splinter my husband pulled out of my foot a while back)  OUCH!!!

Any Hoots, for August, I really had Konda's Round Robin Medallion to work on :)  

I added the small turquoise border, the 1" red math border and the black & white checker border.

Katie added this awesome paper pieced Pi border.

Konda is a math professor, so it is PERFECT!!!

Annette added this super cool woven stripe border with a bicycle embroidery.  
Konda also LOVES to ride bikes!

I am actually short one row of checker boards :/  Fortunately, Emily has a bit more of the black and white fabric so I will add it on Thursday before I hand it off to Emily to work her magic! :)


  1. Certainly not bored with all those borders! Do you get a quilt of your own in this round robin? It's great to see how everyone contributes in their own way and style.

  2. Ouch, what a crazy splinter!
    That checkerboard border is fantastic.
    I hope you guys had a great time at your sewing day on Thursday! Wish I could have been there!

  3. This is gonna be one gorgeous quilt, lucky Konda! I thought the checkers were 9 patch blocks sewn together, lol!


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