Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grandmother's Garden Progress

I am trying to use up my scraps :)

I thought an EPP Grandmother's Garden would be perfect.

These are 1" hexies.


  1. I am currently doing the same thing the flowers you are doing are looking really awesome isn't it great I love using the one inch ones also

  2. So beautiful! What a great use of scraps!

  3. What a great way to hang on to more scraps!...:-)
    I completed a bag made from 1/2 inch I hang onto smaller scraps.
    EPP is quite soothing, I am getting slowly the too late I have the full blown bug....RUN FOR THE yourself. Hahahahaha.....small attempt at humour here.

  4. beautiful. I've been contemplating trying some EPP but I'm so terrified of it that I don't know that I ever will!

  5. I've just discovered them and am totally hooked. :) I am making a grandmother's flower garden variation for my niece.


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