Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My (Blankie) Work Here is Finished!

It is finished!  I am all done making blankies for these sweet babies that are coming to our family in a month!

The official blankie total for each grandchild is:
Four flannel receiving blankets
One knitted blessing afghan
One double wedding ring quilt
One silky squishy softie blankie
...and a partridge in a pear tree ;-)

The final blankies may be my favorite!

Tricot on one side, minky on the other with a satin binding :-)

I used a poly batting for extra light weight fluffiness ;-)

These blankets are SO soft and squishy!  All of my kids want one now!

I got brave with Olivia's quilt and used contrasting thread. I'm so happy with the look!

Just for reference, Bennett's blankie is pale blue tricot with pale yellow minky and navy satin binding. 

Olivia's blanket is regular purple with pale pink rose minky and lime green satin binding. 

On my phone, this is the exact purple of the tricot. 

They measure about 36"x42". 

Now to make the mamas their diaper bags and the babies their Christmas stockings, then I will really be finished!

I hope old navy has their usual great pj sale so I don't have to make Christmas pj's!  ;-)

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