Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Red & White Modern Block Swap

A few months ago a few (16) of my quilty BFFs and I decided to do a red and white modern block exchange.

We each made 32 -4.5" blocks , 16 -8.5" blocks to exchange and as many 12.5" blocks as we would like to exchange. 

I decided to make the asterisk block I made for my pink and green medallion for my 4.5" block. 

The method naturally makes two different color ways :-)

For the 8.5" block I decided to make a variation with my easy deaden ruler. 

Yes, it is virtually a dead ringer for Japan's flag of war ;-). I was thinking pepermint candy.  Oh well!

These were really fun to make :-)

I had a hard time making the circles centered when I trimmed them. 

What to use for the center?  Big circles? Small?  Medium!  Red or white?

My ig friends helped me choose medium red :-)

I wasn't sure I would have time to make any 12" blocks. I tried this one with flying geese and fell in love!

I made five of them all together :-)

I especially love the pinwheel that the flying geese made in the center :-)

I am on my way to meet the group to swap blocks. I can't wait to see them all!!!

Pst... I'm back from lunch and here are the AMAZING ladies...

...and all of the AWESOME blocks...

I really don't have time to deal with these until January. Let's see how long I can hold out ;-)

Most of my friends are betting against me ;-)


  1. I love your blocks! You did a good job.

  2. Love them all :) that's going to make one beautiful quilt!


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