Friday, January 23, 2015

The Scrappy Scrumptious String Quilt

Almost from the very first day I started quilting back in January of 2012, 
I started saving selvages for a string project.

The first project I was going to do was a crocheted bath mat.  I gave up on that one when I found out I would need to sew all of the strings end to end :/

Next I saw the string blocks and that is what I stuck with.  
The design evolved over time until I ended up this :)

Each block is 9.5", unfinished.  I used a foundation piecing method.

The white strips were cut to 1.5" wide.

My favorite paper to use is the Ikea art easel paper.

It is so fun to see little bits of all of my past projects.

I need to come up with a new scrappy project for the next few years.

For the binding I used my favorite Grease text print.

And, of course, the pink sparkle peeps had to make an appearance.

My label had a typo :/  I used some white craft paint and fixed it all up ;-)

Now for the washer!

Finished size 72" x 54"


  1. Great string quilt! So lively. I love the white diagonals.

  2. Love your string quilt - I wish I had started saving my selvages years ago when I first started sewing. Good thinking!

  3. Lovely finish. I have a small collection of selvedges that might be good for something like this.

  4. Is this the one you were sewing on in Preston when I met you? It turned out great. I think maybe I will try to do this, only I haven't saved my scraps like that. I started giving them to a lady in town that is sewing them into rugs. Your quilt turned out great. Congratulations.

  5. That is a great quilt!!! Good job!

  6. A great finish! and so lovely to have little reminders of other projects, you could spend ages looking at it! Linda

  7. A lovely finish. Your quilt looks great. Visiting from FIUF.

  8. A great finish a lovely reminder of all your other projects, I just might have to copy this idea.😃


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