Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Red & White Modern Block Swap Update

A while back, never mind how long ;), my quilty BFF's and I had a red and white modern block swap. (Click HERE for forever ago post)  I knew that it would be January before I could get around to assembling it :(

I did, however, map out my design plans.

I knew I wanted to use flying geese to fill out the blocks and complete the quilt.

So, I made a gazillion flying geese ;)

I even arranged them in this fun chevron pattern for little entertainment ;D

I need a bigger design wall.  Here is about 2/3rds of the quilt top.

First off, all of the blocks I make from here on out will be made with a darker red.  I wanted a bit more variation in the quilt.  Also, I am, for the most part, going to be having red be the back ground fabric, instead of white.  After looking at the quilt laid out, I think it needs it :)

As part of my plan, I wanted to include two 16" blocks.  One of which, was my first attempt at Hawaiian Applique.  It turns out that Hawaiian Applique is just a snowflake ;) I opted for a simple one.

I first tried to use freezer paper for a template method.  The paper was too cumbersome, so I switch a 1/3rd of the way through to template free, back basting method.  MUCH BETTER!

Boy, did I enjoy making this 16" Block.

Oh, but I forgot to add the center :(

All taken care of!

Next up was an 8" Celtic knot applique.

This was also my first attempt at a Celtic knot!

I love how the little stitches look on the back!

It came together pretty quickly.

My son traced the pattern onto the block for me with a Frixion pen.

I am so happy with how this turned out! I LOVE it!

The next block is a 12" block designed by an IG friend of mine ( called aylinnilya bubbles.

This is a super fun take on the old standard log cabin.

It is foundation pieced.
I love foundation piecing!!

I used scraps from the three different reds that are in the quilt.

Next up is an 8" block, copied from a block that Konda did for her Red and White. quilt.

I used a different method than she did.  I strip pieced it.

I'll post a tutorial later :) ..if, you'd like.

Now for a 12" Dresden plate.  I love them :)

Super quick, super slick!

Simple and sweet!

Now for a 12" foundation pieced star thing  ;)

This block came from the first edition of the 100 block magazine.

It was easy, but took more time than I wanted to spend :/  Happy with result.

Now for my other 16" block.

I had originally wanted to do a intricate feathered star, but the New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese (by Better Off Thread) won out!

This block takes some time, but is not hard.

The worst part is attaching these little curved pieces. 

 (the big curves are much easier!)

I meant to make the flying geese white and the sky red, but I am SO happy I made the mistake!

It's perfect!

The last block is one I designed.

I have been doing a ton of sketches of churn dash and bear paws.

I think this 8' marriage of the two worked out quite nicely :)

I can't wait to get this top all together!!!


  1. I love every single one of these blocks! You are a genius! I can't wait to see them all together.

  2. Marion: I can't believe how talented you are. Your quilt and blocks are so great. You are so good and I think I have been quilting longer than you. I wish I lived close by so you could teach me how to be as good as you.

  3. You are a machine! This is wonderful. Red and white. Sigh. Just so pretty.

  4. Beautiful blocks and a dazzling layout, a real modern classic!


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