Monday, July 9, 2012

I Know What I Am Going TO-DO Today...

This past week was BUSY!  Monday & Tuesday were spent getting ready for my daughters Surprise Party Tuesday night for about 86 peeps :)  Nice and cozy ;)  

Wednesday we did our 4th of July Tie-dye party.  This is something we started a few years ago.  We make tie-dye t-shirts.  We will do a family photo shoot soon and I will post the pictures.  They turned out pretty darn cute ;)

After we were finished with our tie-dye party, we headed to Alpine for a BBQ with a family that I grew up with.  It was fun to see all of my friends with their families.  They have 7 kids and there are 5 in my family.  All of us were there with our families except one of my brothers and one of their sons.  There were a TON of kids everywhere of every age ranging from 18 to the youngest age one. 

Thursday I just vegged and sewed ;)

Friday my BFF from the time I was 3 years old came to town from California.  We met at Zupa's in American Fork at noon for lunch and talked and ate till about 3:30 when my kids INSISTED I come home ;D  ( I hurried and basted Mac's Moose Quilt before I left for lunch and then I hurried and quilted it when I got home)  David and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman that evening.  It was good!

Saturday started nice and early with a walk and sewing the binding on the back side of the Moose Quilt.  Then we hurried off to Eagle Mountain for my nieces 8th birthday and her baptism.  We hung out there for most of the day and came home late in the afternoon and I HURRIED and machine sewed the binding on instead of doing it by hand.

Sunday has been a nice day :)  I went to church with my family but had to duck out to attend meetings at other churches (wards) and other meetings and a few more for good measure ;)  Our family also had a neighbor family over for dinner.  SUPER FUN!  We also go to our cities band concert in the park every Sunday evening during the summer.  I had to stay home as my baby had a fever of 103.2 :(  He has no other symptoms.  I half expect to see chicken pox tomorrow... or some other virus.   Time will tell.

So how did I do last week with my list??? Let's take a look....

Last Weeks List
#1 The April $29 girl quilt (top for sure)
#2  Mac's birthday quilt (the $29 moose quilt from April) DONE!
#3  the may $29 quilt (top for sure) 
***EXTRA, but necessary! Four days with 65 minute walks :)  I am going to have to add this to my list each week.

I knew that I should have made last weeks list WAY SHORTER!!  Oh well....  I'll learn from that and make this weeks list SUPER SHORT!!! ;D

#1 Need to shop with my sister to get the back, batting and white filler fabric for her quilt.
#2  Aly's quilt (if we get #1 done) -needs to be finished before the 19th-
#3  A red and white pinwheel quilt (before the 21st)
#4 Six days of 60 minutes of exercise

my nephews surf shop quilt... I think I'll take this to the retreat on the 27th to do
Granny square Quilt (before the 27th)
The April $29 girl quilt 
the May $29 quilt

Melissa's messenger bag
Miranda's Quilt (June $29 quilt)
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
July $29 Quilt

Back Burner Purgatory.... lol!!! ;)'s GROWING is slowing :) !!!!
Mandy's quilt
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces.
My bed quilt
My flea market fancy quilt...maybe hexies or a dresden plate???
Chevron fat quarter bundle quilt- Probably a quarter square triangle quilt as seen at market.
Blue bird quilt for me (still collecting fat quarters for this one)
I think I want to quilt something by hand...

I hope you have a GREAT week!

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  1. Wow, you WERE busy! Way to go on the excercise, good for you! Very ambicious list again :))


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