Monday, July 23, 2012

I Know What I Am Going To-Do Today...

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I am super happy that I finished two quilts last week :D

Here is last weeks list:
#1 Quilt for Aly's friend with end stage breast cancer- (done by Wednesday night) DONE!!!

#2 The granny square quilt top put together and basted.  I am going to hand quilt this baby :) DONE!!! All the way, Baby!!!

#3 The Super Mario Brothers quilt blocks.... ugh, this one makes me frown... millions of little 1.5" squares.  I need to just suck it up and get Mario out of the way... BE BRAVE!!! :D I cut out LOTS of little squares, but didn't get it pieced.  I am such a chicken! (I did print off the pattern)

#1 my nephews surf shop quilt
#2 Mario and Luigi... FOR REAL this week!

Girl Gamer quilt for Emily (due mid August) I bought the fabric for this one :)
Melissa's messenger bag
Miranda's Quilt (June $29 quilt)
Chrisann's quilt (the AWESOME kindergarten teacher)
Will's birthday quilt (due December)
July $29 Quilt

Back Burner Purgatory.... lol!!! ;)'s GROWING is CONTINUING!!!! :) !!!!
Mini Quilt for Konda
Alyson's Living room Quilt
Alyson's Bedroom Quilt
Mandy's quilt
2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces
The April $29 girl quilt 
the May $29 quilt
My bed quilt
My flea market fancy quilt...maybe hexies or a dresden plate???
Chevron fat quarter bundle quilt- Probably a quarter square triangle quilt as seen at market.
Blue bird quilt for me (still collecting fat quarters for this one... feel free to send me a blue and white FQ)
Challenge quilt for next year's quilt show
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month

Ok everybody, now it's your turn!  Link up anything you have been working on or finished in the past little while.  The only rule is that it needs to be something you've made or are making.


  1. LOVE the finished quilts!! Keep going on the Super Mario Bros. quilt -- cutting all those squares is the one of the hardest parts! Don't stop now! :)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I did Mario and it wasn't too bad... and as a bonus, I am a super cool rock star now according to my family!

  2. First of all - bubble gum? Have you had it in a hot fudge sundae??? Second - beautiful finishes - really like those patterns.

    1. No, I am a purist... no fudge on my bubblegum ice cream ;) I know a 43 year old woman should not admit that bubblegum us her favorite, but I also still believe in Santa! Xo

  3. Love the finished quilts!! But your to do list makes me dizzy, good luck!

  4. You are busy and the finishes are impressive. I stopped tracking all my back burners because it got depressing!

  5. Love your backburner purgatory comment! Your pink quilt is just incredible! I love the idea behind it!

  6. Two beautiful quilts...especially love the Granny Squares quilt. I hand quilt, too!

  7. Your finished quilts look fabulous. The pink one is my favorite!


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