Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mac's Moose is TOPPED! ...and a WINNER :)

Tuesday was CRAZY busy and so was Wednesday for that matter ;)  Today (Thursday) was shaping up to be another busy day but I still muscled my way through finishing this top ;)

These blocks were pretty simple and straight forward.  First I cut 6" by width of fabric strips of two different fabrics.  First you sew a strip of each fabric together, press.  Next you cut the long strip into 6" segments, flip them and make these blocks.

Next, using the 2.5" ruler, you line up the center seam with the center of the ruler and trim on both sides, 1.25".

Now, without moving anything (like DOnT SEPARATE THE fabric like shown in the above pic ;), place your ruler on the other center seam and cut the other way :)

Now you have a fun 9 patch.  Be sure to rotate the 4 rectangles.

Unless you are VERY organized, only cut and sew one block at a time.  I finally figured out a system with two cutting boards and ended up being able to chain piece most of the blocks :D

Piles of chain pieced blocks.

Here is my pile of finished blocks.  As luck would have it, I put one of the few blocks that had a really badly matched center to be on top of the pile :\  Oh well!  It's is good luck to have mistakes in your quilt :)

Here is the top finished with the stop border sewn on.

Both borders on, just needs a little basting and quilting and binding :D

I thought I might baste it tonight, but I am tired.  I seem to be such a wimp these days and two days of partying wares me down ;D

PS- the Winner of the EZ Dresden ruler is 
#22 Karen O "Love that pinwheel quilt. That block and it's variations are some of my favorites. I would love to have the Dresden tool. Thank you for the chance!"

I will get Karen emailed in a few minutes here and the ruler off in the mail ASAP :)

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway fun :)

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  1. Where I live, we call those blocks "split four-patch". They make such interesting quilts, whether or not the blocks are sashed.
    The moose quilt reminds me of my morning fog quilt.
    I still can't figure out how you manage to be prolific--I have great plans, but don't get a lot finished!


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