Thursday, July 19, 2012

Springville Quilt Show Take 2

I had such a GREAT TIME on Wednesday when I went to the Springville Quilt Show with Sue and April, that I had to take ALL of my boys to see it on Thursday.  (I did take them to a movie first, before I tortured them with fabric :)
I love this quilt :)

This one is covered in yo-yo's.  It is SO happy :)

I do LOVE triangles.. and my youngest son insisted I take a picture of it :)

Here are my boys with gloves on toughing a rock like quilt.

Ah, Dear Jane.  My heart feels SO drawn to this quilt.... someday... maybe....

Here is the my first love of the show.  The applique is outstanding!

Here is Meagan Legas' quilt.  WOW is all I have to say.  Her hand quilting is over the top AMAZING!!!

This one is reverse applique.  MAN OH MAN, what talent and patience :)

The boys LOVED this one!

After I dragged them around the quilt exhibit, they headed down stairs for the REAL fun!

Getting ready to swat down the tower.

Quickly recapturing the fallen blocks from his brothers.

My youngest said this is "the thing you look through at the end of a gun."

Look at our tower :)

Look at it fall!  The green block on the right is still in mid air ;D

IT was a FuN day with my boys :)... hubby was there too, but seemed to avoid all pictures :D

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  1. Marion, thank you for taking all the pictures and sharing them, I loved every single quilt you displayed :) I see a triangle and a labyrinth quilt in your future :)))Boys are so cute, you're lucky they let you take them to quilt shows like that,sometimes even I get tired by the time I look at all the quilts.


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