Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vintage Skirt

My sister Alyson wanted a skirt made out of some of the fabric we were using for her living room quilt, so I got that baby done this morning...

The skirt has the option of adding pockets.  I added them :)  These are my first pockets EVER!!!

On my computer, this shot has the truest color of the fabric.  It is a nice standard navy.

I used THIS tutorial over at Noodlehead.  It is a pretty simple pattern and went together really quickly.  The only variation I made was to increase the waistband from 5" to 6".

This is a shot of the waistband up close.  The front waist band is flat with the gathers at the bottom where the skirt joins.

This is the back waistband.  It is gathered with elastic across the back waistband.  It's hard to see :(  I ended up doing another run of top stitching right below the elastic to help keep the elastic under control ;D

Now my girls want  me to make them one too :)  I may make me one first ;D

For future reference-
Aly wanted the skirt 24" long and her waist is 29"
Front and back skirt pieces were 29"x ~22"  (I took the 22" from cutting the WOF in half :)  I only trimmed the selvage off of one side (the white printed side) and left the other selvage. ....we needed the length ;D
1" Elastic- 12.5"
Front waistband -15.5" x 6"
Back waistband- 29" x 6"


  1. I love my skirt!! Thank you so much. I do think it looks way cute on Ashley. Maybe she needs one. ;) Thanks again

  2. That fabric is so pretty! I love it as a skirt and I can totally see it in a quilt! Great finish! Thanks for linking up!

    xo -E


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