Sunday, February 3, 2013

...a few more pictures...

Anna and Mike getting ready to cut the groom's cake.

Some of the darling flower girls.

My mom and my niece.

The cupcake table all decked out with goodies.

My nieces in their flower girl attire.

Would you like some carrot cake?

Lottie and Tim, Mike's parents.

Brook and my sweet Kate, Bridesmaid, holding the singers baby :)

My brother and is darling daughter :)

My bil and his sweet girl.

My baby brother and two of his daughters.

My oldest son's first dance with a GIRL!!!  He is 11 and VERY embarrassed!

My mom and sil serving the wedding cake.

This is my mother in law (royal blue suit) and her brothers and sisters.

My mother in law and two of her great grandchildren.

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  1. Love seeing your pictures of your daughter's wedding. Your daughter looks just like you! Love her dress!


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