Thursday, February 21, 2013

Triple Zipperd Pouch

A while back I saw THIS tutorial on A Quilter's Table.  If you have been following me for long enough, you know that I have a thing for zippered pouches.

Debbie's tutorial was really clear and easy to follow!  My brain wouldn't understand the last little bit of instructions, so I just modified.  It is very frustrating that my head is so slow sometimes :\

I ended up using a method that I usually use to finish off a zippered pouch.  It worked like a charm ;)
THIS tutorial (step #4) shows very well how I finished the pouch. 
On one side of the main zipper, I had the large interior lining(wrong side out), on the other side, I had the exterior and all of the zippers(wrong side out).  I left a 2-3" opening at the bottom side of one side of the lining so I could flip the bag right side out through it.

I didn't have any fusible fleece, so I used heavy fusible pellon, like I normally do.

I used the pellon for the lining pieces, but will not do that the next time I make this bag.

I also trimmed the largest lining piece down to 12" from the 12.5" called for.  Next time, I will likely leave the lining piece the same and increase the main exterior fabric by a 1/2 inch instead to 13".

I am SO excited to use this little beauty on my much needed quilt retreat weekend!

Cabin Fever, HERE I COME!!!


  1. Very cute! Have fun at the retreat, wish I could go to one of those !
    Esther F.

  2. Very pretty. I am seeing these triple zippered pouches a lot lately around the net. I guess I should plan on making one too. Thanks for the link.

  3. Your Triple-Zip turned out just darling! So glad you are enjoying it!


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