Saturday, February 16, 2013

How I Get SO Much Done ;D

Sweet Tracie has asked me to blog about how I get SO much done every week.  It makes me kind of giggle, because while I do understand that I have finished a FREAKISHLY huge number of quilts last year, I don't feel like I am overly accomplished.  That being said, here is my daily routine...ish ;D

Wake up- I wake up early but rarely get out of bed.  That may sound WEIRD, but I HATE TO WAKE UP!!   This mainly stems from me not being a good sleeper.  I wake up all night long and usually stay awake for long periods of time.  I used to think that my insomnia was just me, BUT since I have discovered ear plugs and TONS of quilts on my bed I am sleeping much much better :)  I still hate to get out of bed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  And no, I am not the kind of quilter who gets up and sews in the middle of the night.  I have on occasion, but maybe only twice.

Bedtime- Most nights you can find me in bed by 8:30. Really.  Maybe once a week I will sew at night, maybe twice, but usually, once my little boys go to bed, I hit the hay myself and blog and watch TV until about 10:30 when I leave the world of the conscious and snooze the night away ;)  I LOVE MY BED!!!

So, once I do finally drag myself out of bed in the morning (between 7:15-7:30), I usually end up on one of the sofa's in the living room staring at my kids and hubby getting ready for the day as I try to convince myself to be a part of the human race.  (Did I mention that I HATE TO WAKE UP?)  As a family we read the scriptures and pray.

During all of the hustle and bustle of getting the family ready for the day, I try to hurry and clean up the main level of the house while I poke and prod my boys into getting ready for school and finishing bits of homework or whatever.  There is typically much yelling and wailing and gnashing of teeth by all (mostly me).  Fun times ;D

Once I am all alone :) some times I sit back down on the sofa  and check email or Instagram.  My GOAL is to get on the elliptical, bike and/or yoga.  I haven't been good at any of this with my STUPID BROKEN FOOT!  But since it doesn't seem to heal with doing nothing, I have decided to just exercise any way :p

Next I shower.  I am not a long showerer.  I am an in and out kinda girl.  I don't wash my hair everyday.  I am REALLY bad about shaving my legs. (You wanted to know where I get my extra time?.... maybe it comes from lack of shaving?)  I am REALLY lucky I have a good head of hair.  It looks good for days on just one "dooing"., I am not saying that I always get around to doing my hair.  Most days it is in a bun or pony tail.  I have next to no trace of a "princess" gene.  I can go forever without makeup.  I do try to stick to my rule of getting dressed everyday, though.  I would absolutely wear sweats every day if left to my own devices :)  (See my RULES HERE)

Now I can sew all of the rest of the day :) Right?

One or two days a week I do laundry while I sew.  Using a timer helps me to keep the laundry going.  I used to fold each load as it came out of the dryer.  Now I just pile it on one of the sofas in the family room and make the kids fold it when they watch TV.  It doesn't look good and it's not put away correctly, but I just don't care about it anymore!  AND, the kids hardly watch TV anymore because they don't want to fold the laundry ;)  BONUS....sort of... :\

Chores-  When the kids get home from school, they each have about 15 minutes worth of chores they have to do.  They straighten up a section of the house and vacuum it.  Saturday is room cleaning and bathroom cleaning.  The kids have dish night too. (Tuesdays I take Clorox wipes to the bathrooms for added sanitation)

Dinner- I have become very ambivalent about dinner.  I want to eat, I want to feed my family, I don't want to eat or cook or mess up the kitchen.  (They are just going to poop it out later, so what does it matter what I fix?)  I need to cook healthy food, I don't care if I fix healthy food.  Let's just say that we eat dinner and no one has died thus far. ;)

After dinner the boys get herded into the showers and get dressed for bed.  Sometimes I will sew after dinner.

We do have other regular things that happen each week.  The boys have scouts, my daughter has plays and  church youth meetings.  My husband and I have church meetings during the week as well.  The kids play with friend after school.  My husband and I go on a date (or two) each week.

I usually do sew most days of the week except Sunday.  Sunday is a day of rest for our family and we observe the Sabbath quite strictly.  We visit family and friends on Sunday and spend time with each other.   I often have lots of meetings for church on Sunday because of my current church responsibilities. (In our church, the programs of the church are run by our members as unpaid volunteers.  These responsibilities change from time to time and require different amounts of time.)

One of the main reasons that I think I am able to finish so much is that I really hate having an unfinished project hanging over my head.  I just can't stand it.  AND, I JUST PLAIN LOVE TO SEW!  It is a major stress reliever for me.

When do I find time to blog?- It does take time, but like I mentioned before, I usually blog at night in bed while watching TV with the hubbs.  I also blog several day's posts in the same blogging session.  (I love that I can schedule blog posts in advance.  It is AWESOME).  To help with blogging, I keep my camera next to the sewing machine at all times ;)

I hope this answers your questions.  I really don't know what the secret is to being a prolific quilter with the exception of being TOTALLY obsessed with it ;)


  1. We sound like the same person. Except I homeschool which blows my time during the day to sew. I Absolutely hate getting out of bed also. I wake and lye in bed for about another hour.

  2. Another "not a morning person" here. I think my problem is I hate exercising, and I put off doing any kind of "project" until I exercise, which means my day doesn't really ever get going... :/

    Thanks for sharing! Now I am pondering my schedule...

  3. I love this cut and dry post! Very honest and so funny:P I am like you in that I don't like unfinished projects either. My hubby always says I get real moody when I am in the "quilting" stage of a quilt!! After thinking about that statement it could be true!

    I also use sewing as a MAJOR STRESS reliever!


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