Friday, May 31, 2013

American Jane GIANT Star...

......for the BEST first grade teacher in the WHOLE world!

Seriously, Ms. Lundell is one of the most wonderful teachers my children have ever had.  She has been all three of my boys first grade teacher.  She comes by it rightly, as her mother was an AWESOME teacher as well.  Her mother, Mrs. Lundell taught my oldest and my youngest daughter in third and first grade, respectively.

Now that I make quilts, I was thinking about how I should decide which teacher, if any, get a quilt made for them?  I decided that if they taught three or more of my children, they get a quilt.  Now, please note that I think ALL of my children's teachers a FABULOUS(!!!), I just can't afford to make them all quilts :/

I don't know if you can make out the words in the quilting below, but it reads, "First Grade Whisperer."

Ms. Lundell is absolutely magic with the kids.  The children are calm and peaceful whenever she is around. (I am not kidding, she emits Zanex or something...)  The children in her class are so well behaved that EVERYONE notices.  She ROCKS!  (I need to take lessons)

The label on the back.

I have to say that I am sad to be finished with first grade and Ms. Lundell.  My babies are growing up and I will miss their first grade sweetness!


  1. what a beautiful quilt! I make teacher quilts too, and it's shocking to me that sometimes when I give them a quilt, I learn that they've never had a handmade quilt before. That is so special. I really love the words in the quilting, and the label. I'm sure she will cherish it.

    by the way- how big are your HST blocks?

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. You are right. She is a wonderful teacher! She also taught 3 of our children. Dang! Do I need to make her a quilt too?

    Good job!

  3. Cute quilt going to what seems to be a first rate teacher all the way! Teachers are literally the BEST!!

  4. What a fabulous gift, and if anyone deserves it, it is a teacher.

  5. I keep hoping we get Ms. Lundell, but as of such luck. Maybe next year. :) Beautiful quilt! I never thought to make a quilt for my kids' teachers.

  6. what a great quilt for a gift!

  7. Another beauty, I was just ooohing and aaahing Marion! Lucky Ms Lundell!

  8. I love the big star! I think Ms. Lundell is one very lucky lady! I'm sure she will cherish the lovely quilt you made her.

  9. So totally amazing . . . I just came by your blog SPECIFICALLY to look for this quilt!! I wanted to see if you had posted it! I want to make one JUST like it and wanted to take a peek at it. It looks so amazing! I love the quilting! Gorgeous! What size are your HSTs?

  10. Such a cute gift idea. Love the quilt. We just joined your blog and would love it if you joined ours!

    Anna and Sarah


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