Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hobo Bag with a Paganelli Flare

Monday was my friend Marianne's birthday.  Our birthday's are just a week apart. :)

She loves purses and bags and I have been itching to break into my Crazy Love fq bundle I got for my birthday.

A year ago I found this Hobo Bag by J Caroline Creative (the pattern is HERE.)

It is a simple, DARLING pattern!

I even added a super secret zipper pocket ;)
(a little Shore Thing peek-a-boo)

I will be making this bag again!


  1. This is gorgeous and my style,, I was looking for a Tote for Vacation and this is it, I might even have to get this fabric too.......... I have lots of Ty pennington too......

  2. what colors did you use, I found it at Hawthorn threads, but I may need to wait for a sale.. but I like your color combo.. I want to make 2.......

  3. I have that pattern and have not made it yet...I love how yours turned out! What a nice, thoughtful gift!

  4. It is a great pattern and I just love the fabrics.


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