Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bangle Head Way

The pebble quilting is finished :)

Next came time to figure out how to bind the quilt.  There are 8 million epp tops out there and only THREE that are finished ;)  ....and even fewer that are finished with the edges left with the hexy edges. (does that make sense?)

Anyhoots, I found a tutorial over at Badskirt HERE.  I started by making a mirror border of the front hexies.

I needed 54 more 1.5" hexies to make my hexy binding.  Once they were basted, I laid them out on top of the "top border of hexies" to arrange them before I hand sewed them up (you can see the "hexy binding" in the picture below. They are upside down and still have the papers in them.).

Next I hand stitched the "binding hexies" all together to make a bid hexy ring :) (sorry I didn't get a shot of the ring of "binding hexies")

Once the binding hexies were in a giant ring, I hand stitched the "top hexies" to the ring of "binding hexies" along the outside edge.

Then I cut away the extra backing fabric and batting to meet the edge of the quilt.  I found tracing a line was helpful!

Finally I flipped the binding hexies over to the back of the quilt.

...and pinned...

...and pinned...

...and pinned...

You probably have the idea ;D

Next came the hand stitching of the "binding hexies" to the back of the quilt.
See my needle at the bottom of the picture below?

This is how the front looks now :) 

I have started my hand quilting on the bangles.

I am using size 12 white pearl cotton.

I'm really liking the quilting :) ...even though it is pretty "organic" ;D 

I am a bit worried about hand quilting the borders.  There is a TON of fabric on the edges.  I'll probably need piers to get the needle through :/  Should I quilt the edge in white or navy?  I am leaning toward navy.  Thoughts?

Here are a few shots of the back side.

I decided to use left over scraps from my Shore Thing and Going Coastal stash.

It's busy, but I like it :)



  1. Holy cow! I'm not sure if I can even wrap my head around this. For me, the uninformed, can you explain what epp means? Some of us are a little slower than others.

  2. Wow. That's amazing! I think you have more patience than Job! :) It's looking awesome!

  3. Okay-I checked out all your links and again I say WOW! I feel like a slug right now. You must ADORE hand stitching. What are the dimensions of this quilt? How will it hold up to family "love" and washing? When I stopped in at American Quilting, the owner was giving a hand stitching class. I didn't have time to stop and listen but one of the sales ladies showed us around and pointed out the class to us. Amazing!

  4. love your border! will finish off my next hexie project like this. thanx for sharing!

  5. ITs a great quilt and inspirational, I needed the tips for making mine because its the first one for me, Thank you for directing me here by a personal email, how delightful, I love busy and scrappy. But at the same time it all has its own personal space.

  6. Great job with that binding! I'm super impressed. Don't have any experience with hand quilting through those layers, though. Love your inside hand quilting.

  7. Marion, you're a Genius! Now I know how I have to finish my Grandmother's flower garden quilt without appliqueing it on a straight border! Thank you so very much, I love you! :)))))

  8. I love this quilt! You did an awesome job - very impressive!:)

  9. A great tutorial and a beautiful quilt found you on Pin, I'm binding a 1930 king size hexagon quilt that was never finished and I'm restoring and quilting it the same way but it is taking me for ever; I worked on it on and off last year and now only 1/2 way. I'm lucky to have lots of 1930 fabrics old and new . Cheers Glenda Australia.


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