Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prom 2013

My sweet Katie-Bug went to prom this year with a very nice boy named Bryton.

The corsage he gave her was BEAUTIFUL!

Kate did a great job pinning Bryton's corsage on him.

She is my first daughter who did it all by herself :)

Aren't they a cute couple?

Kate is almost 6' tall, it is very nice to find a boy taller than she is :)

We always like to take a picture of the car they go in so we have something to show the police if they don't get back in time ;)  lol!


  1. Aw. So sweet. Of course, they won't be back in time. I'm sure all will go well, though. Congratulations on such a wonderful daughter.

  2. What a cute pair! Yay for tall girls and taller guys!!!

  3. Such a cute couple! And I'm a girl almost 6 feet tall. My mom remembers opening the front door for some of my dates and just marveling at how tall the guys were that I was finding! LOL

    Tall guys are the best!

  4. Your daughter is such a lovely young lady. =)

  5. Oh my GOODNESS, Marion!! Thank you for sharing!! This is the FIRST prom picture where I've seen a young lady modestly dressed! Oh, it is so refreshing. Thank you SO much for sharing. And thank you for raising a daughter to desire it! <3

  6. My daughter is only three, but taking notes for future - take picture of car ;) your daughter is truly lovely :)

  7. How gorgeous they are and with the matching colors! Was that on purpose? You must be one proud Mama! :)))


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