Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Triple-Zip Pouch American Jane Style

What is that saying?  Better late than never?

Well, due to many different mishaps (most of them in my head) my mom's Mother's Day gift didn't get finished until Tuesday :/

I decided on the Triple-Zip pouch from A Quilter's Table.  The tutorial can be found HERE.

I have made one of these before for myself.  You can read about it HERE.

My mom loves the 1930's reproduction fabrics.  Especially the red, blue and yellow ones :)

I thought this little pouch would be perfect for all of my parents little weekend getaways.

***I modified the pattern a little bit this time around.  I used heavy fusible Pelon instead of fusible fleece.   I also made the whole thing wider.  The original pattern calls for the pieces to be cut at an 8" width. I increased all widths to 10" (my tooth brush gave me trouble getting into the original).  I also added a 1/2" to the main exterior fabric length.  The measurement I ended up using for the main exterior print was 10"x10".  Other than that, I used her tutorial to the the letter. ...oh wait, I did finish it off a little differently than she recommends.  You can see what I did on my previous Triple-Zip Pouch :) ..blogged HERE.


  1. Lovely and nice you could adjust to your needs!

  2. Great pouch, i love the fabrics too! :o)


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