Thursday, July 11, 2013

Annette's Medallion

WARNING!!!  Annette, you may NOT look at this post!!!  Do not go any further!!! :)

My first border to add was to my dear friend Annette's medallion.

I added a template free, needle turned applique saw tooth border.

It's not perfect, but neither am I ;D

I got the idea from Megan Legas last year at the Peteetneet Quilt show.  Megan was the featured artist last year, BRILLIANT QUILTER!!!  I couldn't make the teeth look good using what I remembered of her technique, so I applied Patsy Wall's technique that she taught me at the quilt show this year and it worked REALLY well!!! :)


  1. I love medallion quilts. Did one of my own once, using a pattern but ended up modifying it. Lots of fun.
    You would laugh if you saw this old lady squinting at your blog, the script is lovely but it did take me a while to decipher the capital letters.
    She's ...a .....BRILL. ANT. that can't be right?
    I adore you previous medallion....clever, very clever. Will put that in the memory banks.

  2. what a beauty! The soft colors are so lovely!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation
    Needle and Thread Thursday


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