Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crazy Old Lady Picked ME!!!

So, not only did my Super Mario Bros. Quilt win "Best In Show", but my Bangles quilt won the Emily Herrick Designers Choice Award!

Each year there is a Challenge fabric that you may purchase a fat quarter of at the show.  The following year, you submit a quilt to the show made from that fabric.

Last years challenge fabric was Emily Herrick's Bottle Caps from her Going Coastal collection.

Since Emily is a local, I asked her to come and judge the Challenge category and choose her favorite.

I made her promise that she would be impartial and chose her favorite.... even if it was mine ;D

You can see ALL of the challenge quilts HERE on Konda's blog.

You can read all about the making of this quilt HERE.


  1. Hey, that's fantastic! Congratulations!
    I saw this fabric with the bottle caps online some months ago and thought it was cool, only I had no idea how to use it. The bangles pattern is perfect for it. (and the pebbles quilting is great, too) :-)

  2. Congratulations on your wins! Both quilts are gorgeous!

  3. Well now you are showing off. Hahahaha.
    It will have to be earrings now, not a necklace.........and if this keeps up...a charm bracelet!
    Tis a lovely quilt and the quilting does it justice too.

  4. Of course she chose you!! That quilt is fantastic. So glad you got some recognition for your great design and execution.

    Elizabeth E.


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