Thursday, July 25, 2013

Karen's no-so Flimsy

I was finally able to get Karen's quilt cut out :)  Here are a few shots of the stacks of quilt pieces :)

...and from the other direction  ;D

Here is the top all pieced.

I am thinking about a few borders... maybe a thin red print border (like 1.5") and then a wider navy/black one (about 4-5").

Any thoughts?

(Red, white and blue are not my colors of choice, but this sure is clean and slick looking!)


  1. That looks amazing, and such a special quilt. Does the stabilizer make it feel stiff, or does it soften with wear?
    I have a friend who wants to make a quilt with tee shirts, would that method work?

  2. Wow! I love the graphic pattern with such bold colors. It looks kind of nautical to me!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation
    Needle and Thread Thursday

  3. I love the colours, really crisp! I am a sucker for navy blue and red- clothes, shoes, home decor - so why not a quilt? I like it as it is, borderless, but do you need to make it bigger? If so your plan sounds great!

  4. I would go for the borders. I think it would tie it altogether.

  5. I love the layout of this! I think it looks great with or without borders.

  6. Wooohooo! Love the color combo and the bold look!


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