Sunday, July 28, 2013

Karen's Quilt is FINISHED :)

Ta Da!!! :)

In 2009, my friend Chrisann's mother, Karen,  passed away.

This quilt was made for Chrisann's brother Terry.

Terry's wife, Ruth chose the pattern from one of my first quilts.

I used some of Karen's clothes to make the quilt.

I made one for their father last Christmas.  Blogged HERE.

For the back, I used a grey chevron minky.

The quilt is for Terry's birthday :)  

Construction notes:  I used Pellon featherweight fusible stabilizer on the back of the knits.  I thought it was the same kind I had bought before , but it was not :/  This stabilizer was to thick.  It made for very difficult and laborious quilting.  I ended up breaking THREE needles while quilting it.


  1. What a quilt of love! The minky is a lovely finish, must feel like a hug.
    Love your quilting! I just bought a new book showing me how to do those free motion swirls........lots of practice coming up.

  2. Your quilting looks great. I love quilts with a story. Super special and it's a beautiful quilt!

  3. Beautiful quilt and story!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Love it! specially the colors.

  5. Great colors, and I love the history of it. I'm glad you were able to finish despite broken needles! That is so frustrating!

  6. I like the quilt. Too bad it was so hard to quilt.

  7. Very very nicely done and what a special story behind it all. I have a stash of red black white for a quilt, I must get onto it before the year ends!!


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