Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Boomerang Wedding Sign In Quilt

For my daughters wedding, she wanted a quilt for the guests to sign, instead of a book.

We looked at a ton of different options, but she always came back to
  Emily Herrick's Boomerang quilt pattern.


I used 13 different fat quarters that I already had and a creamy yellow solid that was also 
just laying around begging to be put to use ;)

I did a sparse straight line quilting.  I will come back and quilt more after the wedding.

For the label, I used my printer and freezer paper.

The binding is mostly from Emily's newest collection, Technicolor :)

For the back, the groom wanted minky.  Thank heavens Dave's Bernina in Provo had the perfect match! ....and a special THANK YOU to Annette who happened to be in the store at the exact moment I needed it!  (She even delivered it right to my door ;)

****Back story- the day before I was supposed to give this to Ashley, I was madly trying to finish the quilt.  I only had just enough time to finish it if I didn't leave the house.  Well, suddenly I realized that I didn't have a backing :/ ...and NO time to go get one :(  I madly started calling friends to see what they had on hand.  April...nada!  Konda....something that probably would work, but..... Annette...BINGO!  She was at Bernina and found the perfect backing :)

AND, there is more!!!  So I had the quilt all the way quilted when the last row of quilting was not right :/  I didn't know what to do!  We had company coming at 6 for dinner and then we were headed to the Provo Temple with Ash and Dayan at 7.  I walked away from the sewing room and got busy with the company.  On my way to the temple, I texted April and begged her to let me borrow her spare machine.  She graciously agreed and left it on her porch for me.  We picked it up on our way home from the temple at about 10:30 pm.  I woke up early and made the binding and sewed it on.  I was able to hand sew about 3/4ths of it on and the label before the shower at 10 am :)

BE SURE TO COME BACK  on monday the 18th to get the info to join in on a Quilt-A-Long making the temple bag I made for my daughter.
The bag is blogged HERE.


  1. Love it! This pattern is just so much fun. I'm glad you got your backing and were able to get it finished!

  2. Wow! It sounds like you need a big long nap! Are you going to have your guests sign in the sashing or the boomerangs?

  3. I love that quilt! I'm going to have to have that pattern now.

  4. I think this is the first time I've ever seen the boomerang pattern. How perfect for autographs! Love the backstory, too. Nothing like all the behind-the-scenes sweat to eek out a project on deadline!!!

  5. Awesome idea! I know she loves her mama for this!! lol

    You finished it in the nick of time:)

  6. Speaking of last minute, huh? The quilt looks absolutely fantastic, I love this pattern with the white dividing the boomerangs. And the colors are so fresh!


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