Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Morganson's Custom Framing

Have you ever wanted to find the perfect frame shop with the most wonderful customer service?

I have got the place for you!  Morganson's Custom Frame and Sew Forth.... YES!  They not only do amazing custom framing, but they are a ROCKIN' quilt shop! ...the original birth place of the $29 mystery quilt ;D

I brought in Ashley's bridal portrait and Kelly knew just what to do.

Didn't he do an WONDERFUL job?

Stop by in a few day's and I'll tell you ALL about our OVER-THE-TOP Aah-MAZING
 photographer, Nidia Corzo of Corzo's Digital Memories.


  1. Beautiful framing job!
    I LOVE her dress. The neckline and lace are so beautiful and flattering.


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