Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Super GEEK Out!

Are you ready for a story?

Me and Michelle
Well, my bff is Michelle.  She is AMAZING!  She also runs REALLY fast!!!

Michelle beating all of the boys!
 She moved to Hong Kong a few years ago :(  Anyhoots, I have known for a while time that she had a brother-in-law that did something with fabric.  I had been to family events where Michelle's in-laws were, met them, I'm sure, but not much registered with me. ...until summer 2012 when Michelle was here for her annual visit to the US.

Michelle drinking while beating a boy.
As we were chatting on the sofa about my brand new quilting hobby [obsession] she mentioned again that her brother-in-law did something with fabric.  I asked his name, but it was not familiar to me.  I looked him up online and just about fell over!  Her brother-in-law is Joel Dewberry!  I knew his fabric but I didn't know his name.

Breaking the tape for the WIN!
So fast forward to this summers visit and as Michelle and I are chatting on the sofa again, she gets a phone call from non other than Joel's wife, Laurie.  I completely start to geek out!  Michelle proceeds to pimp me out to them for sewing projects and starts to procure fabric for me as well. [Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Michelle?]

On the podium with her AWESOME cup!
Michelle has been back in Hong Kong for many months now, but I finally was able to get my hand on these two beauties...

They have been waiting in Orem for me to pick up since this past summer :)

Yes, it is a GIANT pile of fabric GOODNESS from the Dewberrys!!

[It's nearly a foot tall]

I sorted it into collections and colorways :)  
..oh, yes!  There is a TON of Notting Hill :) FAVE!!!

There is so much fabric here, I can keep busy for the next year :)

[Most pieces are quite large.  Fat quarter on up, baby!]

Thank you, Laurie & Joel!!!
...and Michelle, for being the best BFF EVER!!!


  1. JEALOUS! How fun is that? Happy quilting!

  2. Lucky gal! Thats Awesome, love his fabrics!

  3. HAHAHA! Her brother in law does "something with fabric" and it's JOEL DEWBERRY!!! I love it! You really hit the BFF jackpot AND the fabric jackpot! What will you make first??

  4. Fabulous story!

  5. Great best friend. How did you get so lucky? Do you want to share? Maybe she can be my friend too.

  6. Super jealousy, right here, right now!!! How lucky are you?!

  7. Awesome story, and awesome pile of fabric! I love his stuff too.


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