Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Go Lucky Messenger Bag

My daughter is going to be going to the temple for the first time this week.  In our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) it's a very exciting, very big deal :)

I decided she needed a really pretty, super cool, quilted bag to take with her. :)  I mean really, what else is a crazy quilting mom with a wedding in 2 and a half weeks supposed to do?  One more thing, of course ;D

Ash chose the fabric collection "Happy Go Lucky" :) ...and a "quilt as you go" method for the design.

"Luckily" I had a fat quarter bundle of it just itching to be made into something :)

There are tons of pockets in the messenger bag.

Inside, there is one zippered pocket and two LARGE pockets, one of them divided.

This floral pocket is just plain HUGE! :)

It is so big, that it hides this awesome little zippered pocket.

See?  Isn't it cute? 

The large orange floral pocket is divided in two.

All of these pockets will come in handy.

The back side of the bag had a zippered pocket too :)

Ta da!

This is the underside of the messenger flap/cover thing :)

This is the front of the bag and pockets that hide under the flap.

See, in the big pocket, there are two smaller ones.  
One for Ashley's temple recommend and the other for Family File Ordinance cards :)

I am so excited for her :)  What a fun time!

Would you like to make your own bag?  Join us for my first QAL!!!  Details HERE.


  1. You are such a good mom! Really cute bag. Love it.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! That bag will be perfect. I think I need a one too...

  3. Such a cute bag! Congratulations to Ashley and the whole family!

  4. Wow! And what an intense bag you threw into the mix of things to do, too! Great job, Marion. :D Exciting times, for sure!

  5. Awesome! So exciting! She will love having all of those extra pockets in her Temple bag, it will come in handy for sure. Good luck with the upcoming wedding!


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