Monday, April 1, 2013

I Know What I am Going To-Do Today

Spring break is here and I am SUPER excited to spend the week with my kiddos.  I LOVE it when they are out of school!

I have been spending a lot of time cleaning the house this past week.  My dirty house has been driving me NUTS as of late!  I am trying to work some deep cleaning in every day.  I haven't been consistent with the deep cleaning since about 1997.  After having my 3rd child, it sort of flew out the window ;)

I hope y'all have had a great Easter weekend and a super relaxing Spring Break! xo

WIP's -in some form of progress...

Challenge quilt for The Peteetneet Quilt Show
"Letters to my Daughter" block of the month (10 finished out of 25) Blogged HERE

Medallion Quilt for the Utah County Modern Quilt Group I've started piecing the selvage border. I hope to get more of it finished this week :)

Back Burner Purgatory... lol!!! ;) (I've got the materials for these, but no chop chop yet)
White booties for Hadley DONE!  

2 Twin Size applique quilts for my nieces

pieced a quilt top for Emily
 It's all top secret, so this is all you get to see until her new collection is introduced in a few weeks :)
(These are the Michael Miller quilts I quilted last week)
...and a cathedral pincushion out of Emily's new line that I can't show you ;)

Will be linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom QuiltsQuilt Story  and Lee


  1. You are SO lucky to be able to play with pretty fabrics ahead of everyone else.

  2. I always loved it when the kids were out of school, too. :D Enjoy the time!

  3. I'm in Utah County too and my kids are out of school as well. But with the rain and 4 kiddos at home, there is no cleaning going on here, quilting yes though!

  4. I read About Me and I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area growing up, too! Where did you live? I lived in Palo Alto, Portola Valley, and Pleasanton, after I married my husband, but now live in Southern California.

    Fun to see all your finishes--bet you thought you were the last WIP-er this week, but nope, I came in after you. It will be fun to see who is the really really last one!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Oh, pretty projects! Nice that you've had time to quilt, clean and have fun with the kids.

  6. I love the letters to my daughter blocks, especially the dresdens! How fun to get to use and play with not even out fabrics!


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