Friday, April 5, 2013

Jean's Hugs & Kisses is Finished :)

This month's $29 mystery quilt from Morganson's Stitches & Sew Forth quilt was too cute to resist.  (Thanks, Mom, for buying the kit for me :)

Tuesday I went to my moms to cut out and piece the top.

Wednesday, I quilted and bound it :)

Thursday morning I took pics, washed it and delivered it to my dear friend Jean.

I have known Jean for a very long time and I love her dearly!

For the back I used some seriously funky "Grandma's Attic" fabric from April and Christy.

I did a flower fmq.

***Remember, the Morganson's (801-465-9133) will ship their $29 mystery quilt kits :)  It is such an AWESOME deal and they always are SO beautiful!!!***


  1. Adorable! Someday I'll have to try out that flower fmq...

  2. Marion,

    It is great to see the mystery quilts all done up and finished. Thanks so much for sharing our projects on your blog. How about the next mystery quilt (of your choice) on us!

    Kelly & Rebecca

  3. I'm impressed at how fast you work! Amazing. The fabrics are lovely and the quilt is gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous quilt, Marion! How do you know what the pattern is? I saw the fabrics posted earlier, but can never find what the pattern is to decide if I want to buy the kit or not. Do you just sign up in the beginning of the month and it's a surprise?


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