Thursday, April 25, 2013

What the sCRAP???

Are you feeling sCRAPPY today???

April and I were chatting about all of the wonderful sCRAPs that we have acquired ...and in the same breath were cursing them too ;)  We came up with a plan to get rid of our sCRAP and to keep them under control.

Here is a picture of my scrap bag.

This is a full size "bed in a bag" bag.  ...and it's exploding out the top!  [I have to beat it back down regularly.]

This is mostly my selvages and binding leftovers.  I have TONS more scraps hidden through out my stash.

April and I came up with the idea that as soon as we finish a quilt, we'll immediately make an impromptu block [or something else] out of the scraps.  Right then!  No shoving them into some bag or off to the side!  I LOVE it! 

April is going to make 12" blocks.  I am going to be making 1" epp hexies.  I am also going to make string blocks with my bag o' terror!  I figure if I dedicate a few minutes of every sewing session, I can get these scraps under control!  One or two blocks a week will make the world a happy place :)

Feel free to add our button to your sidebar and join in the fun!!

Let's get our sCRAP under control!!!

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  1. I started into my scrap pile a month or so ago. I make a block or two every Sunday after church. They are a little wonky log cabin-ish.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. If I didn't have so many projects going already, I could do that. I keep adding additional projects everyday. I should just start adding scrap projects instead.

  3. I have started making mug rugs or potholders out of my scraps. It uses up the scraps and the binding plus I have a pile ready for hostess gifts or little "thinking of you" presents. When I started I was really surprised at the reception -- I guess people don't normally buy potholders for themselves and are thrilled to have new ones!

  4. I began making zippered bags with my scraps. They are nice to have on hand and make great little gifts. It's better to make something with them rather than letting them sit around.

  5. What a brilliant idea!

  6. Such a genius idea, hope you'll be able to keep it up with all your deadlines! I usually cut my scraps up into usable sizes and have them stored in clear plastic containers in strips and squares. In case you wanna try that method :)


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