Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medallion Selvage Border

Sometimes when I see something in my head, it doesn't always turn out as cute in real life.

This time, it turned out WAY cuter :)

To start out, I gathered all of my pink and green selvages.  I had a bunch in my scrap bag and I also cut all of the selvages from the fabric for the Medallion quilt.

In order to keep myself in a straight line, I decided to use a foundation piecing method.

I cut my copy paper in half, 8.5" by 5.5".

When I would come to the end of a strip of paper, I just butted the next one up, end to end.

This is the back side.  It's hard to see, but the stitching lines are visible if you squint ;) ..or don't have 40+ year old eyes ;)

This is a picture with some of the paper ripped off.

As the pieced strip became too long, I would tear off the paper, press it, and cut off 5" sections, and then trim to 5" square.

Here are my blocks waiting for sewing into rows.

I had a REALLY hard time deciding on what to do for the corner blocks.

Konda suggested a block in a block block ;)

I went for it.  To make sure that I ended up with the exactly right sized block, with the perfect block inside, I foundation pieced it.

I am sure loving this quilt.

I am not sure what border is next...

Flying geese or Snow White?


  1. TOTALLY COOL!!! :D I really, really love this selvage border addition.

  2. That's really neat, Marion! Your first sentence really threw me for a loop. :)

  3. I love it already, Marion! The colors are beautiful and the foundation pieced selvages are brilliant! Butting up the papers against each other left you with no waste, Genius idea! How many more borders are you making?

  4. I would of never thought of that for a border. It is a very beautiful quilt.

  5. Very clever use of selvages! That quilt looks full of fun.

  6. I really like this! Very interesting, and I love the pink and green. I don't have enough scraps to use like you have but this is a lovely use of the selvedges.


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