Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow White Border

Another border under my belt :)  YIPPEE!!!

With the Snow White fabric being pale blue, I had to find colors that would not make the blue stand out too much.

Monday, I started working on this border at Annette's house.

I was able to finish two sides on Monday :)  Party!

I had to do a little finagling with the Snow White fabric to get it the right size and for it to be featured properly.

I used Jaybirds hexy'n more ruler to make the triangles.

I probably spent half of my time working out the layout for the border.

Tuesday I worked on the top and bottom border and the corner post things.

The corner post things are the hardest for me.

Annette and April suggested a nine patch.

Making up borders on your own, takes a bit more time than following a pattern, but I am liking all of the happy design surprises :)

Between the wind and the sun, it was hard to get a really good shot of the quilt top.

The colors in the close up shots are a better representation of the true color scheme.

I sort of wish that I could look at the quilt as if I had never seen it before.  This may sound strange, but this quilt is WAY more colorful than I had envisioned.  I am nut sure what I thought it would look like, but all I have to say is that it is a GOOD thing I LOVE pink and green :)


  1. That's amazing! How big are you going for? How many more borders?

  2. Oh, *nicely* done!! Terrific balance with the blue of that background. Yeah, the finagling to figure out how to make things fit can be adventurous and maddening at the same time, eh?

  3. Looooooooooove it!!!! Please make sure we see it quilted! Beautiful!

  4. I love this! It's AMAZING!!!! SO cute!

  5. All the borders on the quilt are simply amazing.

  6. I really, really love it! Its perfect and I love the "M" in the middle!


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