Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March $29 Quilt

Last week I picked up the March $29 quilt from Morganson's.  Posted HERE.  The picture below is of Becky's finished quilt.
Becky's finished quilt :)

Yesterday, I ended up going to my mom's home so we could work on our quilts together :)

We were both able to get our quilts cut out and I was even able to get my top all sewn up :)

Today I am hoping to get it quilted and bound.

This quilt design is such a fun take on the #xplusalong.  I love seeing how the same block can be made to look so unique and BEAUTIFUL!!!

***Remember, the Morganson's (801-465-9133) will ship their $29 mystery quilt kits :)  It is such an AWESOME deal and they always are SO beautiful!!!***

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  1. Yeah - you cannot beat $29 for a quilt top! :D


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