Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A bit of this... a bit of that..

Pressing tops :)

Pressing with yummy Cherry Blossom Best Press :)

Aren't they cozy and cute?

I was worried that my daughters wedding quilt would be too small for our Cal king bed...

Not so!  It fits great :)

As soon as the tops were pressed, April and I hit Gracie Lou's for backs for both quilts :)
I'm not showing you pic's today, just know that the backs are WILD and AWESOME!! ;D

Finally I made a block for a new IG qal (#xplusaong).  I was going to resist, but I am not sure I can.  I made this mock up out of UGLY charm squares :)  I'd like to make it out of a beautiful layer cake Konda gave me a while ago.  My pattern needs some tweaking to get it just right :)


  1. Both quilts look great. Wish I lived close so you could help me. You do great. Your daughter should be proud.

  2. Oh my gosh! i SAW #xplusaong yesterday and I am in LOVE! How on earth do you stay so current on everything???? Your quilts look fabulous.


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