Friday, January 25, 2013

FORTY-SEVEN Pounds of Frosting!!!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Yesterday I made FORTY-SEVEN pounds of butter cream frosting.    All this to frost 600 cupcakes for my daughters wedding!


The frosting is varying shades of blue, green and white.

Take a look at my day :)

So here is how I stored them for next weeks frosting festival of terror :/

First you put out a large sheet of plastic wrap and plop a big glob of frosting in the middle :)

Then you fold up the plastic wrap over the top.

Cut the wrap from the roll and fold one side over.

Then the next side.  Now there are three sides that are totally enclosed and the top is open.

The first batch I did was a double batch... WAY TOO MUCH!!

Here is why I wrap my frosting like this.  I use pastry bags and I HATE the messiness of refilling the bag.

My hubby saw this method on TV and it has been a lifesaver!

All you do is insert the frosting packet, open side down, into the clean pastry bag.

The opening allows the frosting to leave out the end with minimal mess in the bag :)

Here is a shot of the empty frosting pouch in the pastry bag.

See, all nice a flat :)

Here is a shot of the inside of my pastry bag with just a little bit of blue in the bottom.
The pastry bag is all ready for another frosting packet :)

Here are my cupcakes.  The blue is good, but my frosting was a bit dry, well, WAY dry, so I ended up remixing the rest of the batch to get it nice and moist and pretty :)

I am freezing the frosting in their packets until next Friday.

I made 32 packets of frosting.  12 blue, 10 lime green and 10 shimmery white.


  1. That plastic wrap idea is brilliant!

    We did about a million cupcakes for my best friend's wedding this summer (well, her mom did all of the baking and frosting making! We just helped frost and decorate.) She froze them in giant ziplock bags, and then we added the tip to them. But I might like this idea even better!

    Anyway, they'll look stunning all together! Hope you've got a frosting army lined up, but from watching this come together so far, I'm guessing you'll have lots of help!

  2. Holy Moly! That's a lot of frosting! You are the bomb! And that's an awesome tip for the pastry bags.

  3. Great idea! I didn't know you also ran a bakery from your home besides quilting:))) oh, and that cupcake on the bottom right looks like a mouse got into it! Just sayin'! :D


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