Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!! ....and a bit of a #scrappytripalong..

Welcome 2013!!!

This past year has been a wild ride!!!  I started quilting in January and have finished a BILLION quilts (see them HERE) and another BILLION sewing projects! (see those HERE)

These are a few of my favorites

So what is on the plate for 2013?

I have NO idea!!!  ;D

I plan to use up ALL of the scraps I have made from ALL of the projects I have done :)

I want to beat down my WIP's and back burner projects.

We have a wedding in April.

I'm the chairperson of the local quilt show this year in June.

Who knows what this year holds for my family.  All I do know is that it will be EXCITING!!! ...probably exciting like a heart attack and not like a surprise all expense paid trip to Europe! ;)

xoxoxo!!!  Happy New Year!!!

Ps- I kinda got myself into a bit of scrappy trouble because of Instagram! :/  Since I am such a "follower" I slipped over to the "Dark Side" and drank the crazy #scrappytripalong kool aid ;D

Prepped with the beverage of choice :)

I think I want a bit of structure to my scrappy sassiness ;)

Black strips...

...print strips...

..sewing them up..

Chop chop! Pick pick!

Block #1





Watch OUT!!! They are breeding!!!

...and they are contagious!!!

One block short of half way done :)

The rest of the "tubes" to be chopped and re-sewn.

A pretty stack of finished blocks :)


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  1. Looks good to me. I just hope to get something done.


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