Friday, January 4, 2013

Ash's Skirts for COLLEGE!!!

My sweet Ashley is headed off to college tomorrow :(  I am going to be SUPER sad to see her go :(
Any hoots, she asked me to make her two skirts a while ago and I FINALLY did it yesterday and tomorrow :)

I was going to use an on line tutorial, but figured that they would look better if I bought a pattern :)

The pattern I used is a New Look pattern A6128 by Simplicty.


The concealed zipper.

the back

Skirt #2

I even matched the stripes for the pockets :)

The back

Can you see the concealed zipper?

A pretty slit.


  1. very cute! Wish my daughter would wear skirts, would be fun making them for her. Alas, she is a jeans and sweatshirt kinda girl.

  2. Nice skirts! Very well done. : ) How's your heart doing, sending off one daughter now, and another in a month? I think my heart would be hurting...

  3. beautiful job matching those stripes! great skirts - bet she wears them all the time and thinks of you!


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