Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daughter's Wedding... Sister's Baby.... not so much sewing :(

A midst all of the excitement, I haven't had my much needed "me time" sewing :(  I suppose that is ok ;D

I woke up EARLY Wednesday morning and sneaked in some sewing on my #scrappytripalong quilt :)

Here is where I stand with the quilt:
One block left to be sewn into a tube :)

12 blocks sewn into tubes and needing to be cut, clipped and arranged :)

15 blocks all picked and arranged waiting to be sewn up :D

I seriously cannot wait to get this quilt finished!!!

So why the "no-sew" zone around here?

Wedding: engagement photo shoot, order invites, address invites, design and order guest sign in book, etc!

Aren't they cute?

AND on top of all of the wedding excitement.... my sweet sister's baby arrived EARLY this week!

I spent Wednesday at the hospital with my sister.  Baby Hadley is doing GREAT but my sister is not :(  She had a REALLY terrible day yesterday and hopefully things will improve soon.  Her uterus is still so large that it is crushing her kidneys and causing excruciating pain :(   So, I spent the whole day with her yesterday running tests until her hubby could get there.  We didn't get to spend much time with baby boo :(

Today is "sewing Anna's wedding quilt" day!!!  ....mail the invites day.... and I think that is it!

Last night we also met with Annette (my AWESOME quilting sewing friend Annette) to arrange for the alterations for the wedding dress :)


It's 5:42 am and I need to get in the shower and CLEAN the house before my sewing bff's show up.  Being gone for a whole day makes the house something to be reckoned with! :p


  1. Man! It makes me tired just reading about what's going on with you! May the force be with you!

  2. I am glad the baby is doing well. I am so sorry your sister is not doing as well. I will pray for her to recover and start to enjoy the time with her little one. LOVE the snow pics, very nice. Hugs and love, xoxo melzie


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