Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scrappytripalong Top is FINISHED!! :)

This journey started on New Year's Eve.  I was going to make it 6x6...

I had "all" of the blocks finished on New Year's day when I decided it needed to be BIGGER!

I now needed to make 28 more blocks so I dug into my stash yet again.  With wedding plans all around, I didn't get many chances to work on it :(

Finally on Friday I was able to finish up the 28 blocks (which actually ended up being only 27, go figure...some day I will find the missing block).  Friday I laid out and sewed up 4 and 1/2 rows and then went to see Breaking Dawn with my hubby.

 Saturday morning I decided to try out one of the 4 sewn rows to see if the size would be ok.  It was PERFECT for the length, but it was a bit short across the top. :(  I would need to make 8 more blocks to fit our California King size bed :p  Fortunately, I had only sewn up 4 and a half of the original rows.  I relaid out the rest of the un-sewn rows and mixed in the new 8 blocks.

My 7 year old calls this the "heart" quilt :)
I REALLY love this quilt top :)

I am thinking about using my grandmothers old sheets for the backing.  I am also pretty sure I am going to try an orange peel fmq.  Now I need to get it in gear and get my daughters wedding quilt finished :)

This quilt is made using the tutorial over at QuiltVille HERE.

The one modification I made was to make sure that there was a black strip in each strip set.  Then when clipping the little loops, just make sure the black squares form the center diagonal :)


  1. Oh my goodness, that's so pretty! Do you have any scraps left in your house? The wedding quilt is going to look gorgeous, too.

  2. That's amazing, Marion. Super amazing!

  3. Gorgeous! I saw the chatter about this on twitter and want to make one too but I promised myself to finish up a few things. Love it!!

  4. Looking at the quilts pictured on Quiltville, I wouldn't have really been inspired to make one of these. I'm not usually drawn to quilts that are too scrappy. But, I LOVE what you did with the black! It feels a LOT more "organized" to me...prettier to look at.

    I'm so sorry to be such a pea-brain, but, I'm confused at exactly how you made sure the black was placed appropriately? Would you consider, maybe later when you have more time? show a visual (with pictures)? =)


  5. This is simply beautiful. I'm sensing my weeklong project will be convincing my wife to create a similar one :)

  6. LOVE that you have the cohesive strain of black through the whole thing, it really pulls it all together. :)

  7. It's beautiful!! I started on one this week. Got most of the strips cut and a few sewn. Great idea on how you used the black.

  8. Love, love, love your quilt!!!

  9. Lovely! I love what you did with the dark fabrics - it makes it feel much more orderly.

  10. I really like how the black gives the eye a place to rest and adds some needed symmetry. Well done!

  11. Oh wow, I love how the black in the center makes it all look so nice. Beautiful!

  12. Very VERY nice. I love this scrappy Trip quilts.


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