Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday's wedding antics

First off, Monday night right before bed, I got a HUGE splinter in the bottom of my foot :(  My husband called it a "stick" :(  It REALLY hurt.  He had to do a minor surgery to get it out.

 That bad boy HURT!

Any hoots, so Tuesday I was limping on both feet.  You probably don't know this but I have stress fractures in my other foot that just WONT heal :p

SO, Tuesday was the day I was supposed to go and get my dress, but I just couldn't do it.  Snow, limping, ice, HYSTERICAL tears every 6-9 minutes.  I was pretty much having a major breakdown by noon.  Finally through bouts of tears and sobs, I texted my bff Marianne to see if she was up for shopping.  As it turned out she was at the mall with her hubby for lunch :)  I popped in the car and met her for a shopping adventure.  The sales associate was great and Marianne was at her shopping finest!  My only requirement was that I not look like a hoochie mama or a grandma ;)  We succeeded :)

I bought a beautiful black lace dress,
(I wish I were as tiny as the model is ;)

new Spanx, a new bra, a new slip and pretty new black patent leather heals :)
  ...I should probably stick with my surgical boot and or flats, but I just cant bear it.  I am going to break the rules ...and pay for it later.

I am pretty tired! ..but OH SO happy that the shopping is finished!!!

I still have to speak to a church group tonight and that's all... I think!  Good thing I've got some new Spanx to wear ;D

Again, THANK YOU, Marianne!  You saved my day :) ....the cake bites 7 diet Pepsi helped a ton too ;)

All I have left to do is get black pants for my 11 year old :) ...and deliver cake mixes to my dear friends who are baking cupcakes for me :)


  1. Gorgeous dress Marion! I hope your feet are feeling better soon.

  2. I can't resist heels for a nice event. Maybe buy some of those little jiffy shoes (they're like ballet flats) and they fold up into your purse. They take up next to no space, and that way you can slp on something slightly more comfy for the reception.
    (Nice dress by the way)

  3. Love your dress! A little advice from one who knows-take an extra pair of comfy shoes to the reception! Thank me later.....

  4. Love the dress, but the heels would leave me crippled for life. Good luck with the wedding.

  5. O dang about the 'owies'. No fun! The outfit is going to be perfect ;)

  6. You are going to be the hottest mother of the bride ever! Love the dress :)


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