Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anna's Wedding Quilt is Underway :)

I had planned on making Anna a quilt for her wedding but thought I had some time... NOT!  The good thing about having friends who quilt is that when you need help making a quilt FAST, they are there for you! :)

This Thursday I am hosting a sew day for everyone to come and help me get the top together.  Konda has to work that day so she came over last Friday for a sew day and redesigned one of her quilts to fit a king size bed.
Charming Old Maid by Konda Lukau
(I'm not putting on borders, just lots of stars and hst's)

It was so awesome to have her work out all of the math!!  

There are definite bonus's to having a math professor for a quilting buddy ;)

Don't perfectly cut squares make such cute piles?


I can't wait to see it come together :)


  1. It will be a gorgeous quilt Marion! The fabrics and colors are beautiful and I love her pattern you're using!

  2. The fact that you are using "Charming Old Maid" for your daughter's wedding quilt is funny. :)

  3. What a gorgeous quilt that will be! What happened to the other pattern you were going to use, letters to my daughter was it? It's kinda funny, although completely understandable, but I just never ever imagined you needing help to get a quilt done quick! hahahahaha.... you are the QUEEN of QUICK! But of course, dire circumstances require help! Even for speedsters like you. :)

  4. LOVE the fabric! Good luck with all the wedding plans. My girl got married about six weeks ago and I thought I was going to go crazy with three months planning!


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