Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hadley Arrives in Splendor and Excitement!!!

Remember the quilt I made for my sisters baby that she was expecting at the end of February?

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 Well, Hadley showed up Monday via emergency c-section!  DRAMA!!!

She weighed 4 lbs 1 oz and was 16" long :)

It is truly a miracle that she is here and all is well.  My sweet sister was having a horrible time with pre-eclampsia and was on strict bed rest.  Sunday she was not feeling well and her blood pressure was going WAY low and way high.  My brother in law took her in to the hospital.  The doctor didn't quite know what was going on, THANK HEAVENS, he kept her in.  (My sisters blood pressure is always WAY high).  Through the night the baby's heart rate kept dropping with no apparent reason, but recovering strongly.  By the morning it was occurring more frequently.  The specialist determined that it was time to go in and rescue baby Hadley.  They soon discovered that the placenta was detaching.  If they had not been in the hospital, the issues with the placenta would not have been discovered and we would have lost Hadley.

Hadley is a strong feisty baby :)  She is breathing room air on her own :)  She can maintain her own body temperature too :)  She even opened her eyes when we were talking to her Monday afternoon. (she did not like the flash on my camera) ....a nicu nurse promptly informed me that I should not use a flash :(

Wonderful blessings and miracles abound!


  1. That is truly wonderful news, congratulations to all involved.

  2. What a darling "miracle"!!


  3. What a blessing! She is adorable:)

  4. What a beautiful baby! And what a miracle! I'm so glad she's doing so well. It's a good thing she already has a baby blanket from her favorite aunty!

  5. She is a beautiful baby, so what a wonderful blessing. Glad to hear all iswell.


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