Saturday, January 26, 2013

Xplusalong has begun..

Yet again, I have been sucked into an impromptu quilt along on Instagram ;D  It's kinda not hard to suck me into making a quilt... I am using the quilting as a distraction from the wedding chores to be done :)  It chills me out and makes me feel like the world is still a normal place ;)

I've had the Happy Tones layer cake from Michael Miller for a few months now.  It has been screaming to make it into something :)  I used a little of it to make this tote for a friend's daughter for Christmas.  Bogged HERE.

I thought it would work well with this fun pattern. 

I modified the pattern from the one the ladies are using on IG so that I could use a 5" square for the corner blocks instead of the 5.5" block that everyone is using on IG.

These are the cutting measurements I am using:
4- 5" blocks for the print making the "X" (4 different coordinating prints)
8- 2.5" white squares for the corner triangles of the "x"
1- 7.5" x 2.5" solid for the "+"
2- 3" x  2.5" solid for the "+"
4- 2.5" x 2.5" print for the ends of the "+" sign (all four squares are the same print)

I am making this quilt for one mf my daughters bff who is expecting her first child next month.  We are throwing her a shower on the 9th of February.  The shower was supposed to be today, but with our super fun, SUPER FAST wedding, we bumped it to next month ;)

I have 6 more blocks to go ;)

Happy Weekend!

ps- I am not sure I will get to work on this tomorrow :(  I really have to make the wedding cake and 16#'s of cream cheese frosting for it :)  I also HAVE to go shopping for a dress for me to wear :(  I REALLY hate shopping, I mean I REALLY HATE IT!  Couldn't I just wrap myself in a quilt?)


  1. I really like this pattern. Good luck with the quilt and the wedding.

  2. I feel your pain regarding shopping....there is nothing more excruciating (literally, in my case). I usually wait until I'm desperate to clothe myself and then shop all in one week. However, I've found that the very best way to shop is to give my money to my BFF and let her spend it for me. It's a win-win.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration AND the measurements!


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