Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anna's Bridesmaid-Zillas!!!

So, big news... my daughters wedding is now going to be February 1st, instead of April 20th.  So I am in SUPER crunch mode.  STRESS!!!  (No, it's not going a shotgun wedding ...more like a GIVE MOM A HEART ATTACK wedding!)

Wednesday night I took my two younger daughters to buy their bridesmaid dresses.

Thursday night we had a fashion show for the bride and groom.  It was pretty hilarious!!!

These are in order...

We are going to have so much fun this month getting ready for the wedding :)

PS- When I got married a 100 years ago, my bridesmaids wore the dresses in the exact same color and fabric ;)  What is it they say about a 20+ year fashion rotation?  I should have my two sister in laws wear their old bridesmaids dresses to Anna's wedding :)


  1. Holy smokes! Good luck to you. :)

    And now you could be a grandma by Christmas. ;)

  2. Beautiful girls... amazing time of life. Good luck with it all!!!!

  3. Wedding preparations...can sure create HAVOC! But looking back, they can be enjoyable deposits in the memory banks.

    So, I'm thinking that I must've gotten married TWO hundred years ago!! =P


  4. My mid-80's bridesmaid dresses were the exact same color, as well!


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