Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crochet Booties

A little while back, my sister Alyson asked me to make a pair of Mary Jane booties for her friend's baby and a pair of slippers for her to boot :)

The body of the Mary Jane booty was made from THIS pattern on Etsy.

It's called Buccaneer Booties by Mamachee.  I made a few modifications to turn it into a Mary Jane.

Pretty cute, eh?

Alyson wanted some slippers for herself too.

She wanted royal blue with a little bit of sweetness.

THIS is the pattern I modified to make these.  The pattern is for a small child, but it was easily converted into an adult sized slipper.  It is called "Crochet Clog Slippers."

They are headed off in the mail today along with the Whirlygigs quilt.  Oh the joy!


  1. You're amazing. :) I can't believe how much you accomplish, Marion!

  2. Woohoo! You did it! :) They are cute!

  3. I Love the MJ booties! I promptly went and downloaded the pattern. I'm pretty good at looking at crochet items and copying...but, dang it all!!! I am terrible at reading a pattern. I was taught to crochet by my grandma when I was about 7. I wasn't taught how to read the patterns. =(

    I DO!!! agree...with LynCC, you accomplish SOO much!!


  4. I just love them, I am so envious. I have tried to crochet, I even bought a book and looked online, all to no avail. I try and end up with a tangled mess and a hot flush.

  5. Love the little Mary Janes. I think Mary Janes are the best shoe style for any girl at any age. I wish when my daughter was a baby I had a pair like these for her. The best I found were the socks printed to look like a mary jane. Great Finishes!

  6. LOVE the booties. When my daughter was small a friend crocheted black booties (just like these!) but they had white socks coming out of them. I've given many of her baby things away over the years but I ALWAYS kept those!


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