Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet My Machine

Funny story!  For the past few weeks my sewing machine has been making a "whirring" noise near the wheel when I sew.  I was REALLY upset and worried, so Saturday I sent it off to my trusty Sewing Machine Doctor, Dan, for a check-up.  Of course, my mind was running wild and I feared the worst!  Would I have to buy a new machine?  I mean, really, I can't be without a sewing machine. ...and I CAN'T afford a new one :/

Sunday night, I started texting all of my sewing buddies, asking them what sewing machines they have.  I scoured the internet for prices and reviews.  SO, so funny, I ran into this "Meet My Machine" blog tour in my searching dither :)  What Serendipity :)  Perfect timing :)

Finally, on Monday afternoon, Dan called to let me know the news.  MY MACHINE WOULD LIVE!!! ...and be just fine :)  As it turns out, about 5 pre-wound bobbins worth of thread found their way into my wheel and bobbin winding thing-a-ma-jigy area.  He saved a small part of  the thread to show me.

He said it took him forever to dig it all out :/  Sorry Dan!  ALL HAIL DAN!!!  

He thinks the thread made it's way into the gear area through this opening.
I will be slapping some blue masking taper over that baby before I sew again ;D

So, let's get on with the "Meet My Machine" part of this blog post :)

After I got married, my mom gave me her old Kenmore sewing machine.  It was in pretty bad shape and I needed to get a better machine (aka- one that works) if I was ever going to be able to sew something :)

I headed over to the Cotton Shop in Provo, Utah about 18 years ago.  I had two little girls and I was having a ton of fun sewing sun dresses for them. :)  I don't remember who helped me, but he was wonderful!

I told him that I was looking for a machine that would work for the rest of my life.  (I also bought a serger at the same time.)

The main selling point that won me over on this machine was that it was made with all metal parts.  At the time, Pfaff was still making sewing machines in Germany, and this model was made in Germany.

For any of you who have sewn on a pre 1970 singer sewing machine, you can appreciate the beauty of a well made, "all metal parts" sewing machine.  They are smooth and just get better with age.

(please ignore the cardboard and blue tape... I'll explain later)

After much discussion (and a bit of drooling over the fancy machines in the store), I chose the Pfaff Varimatic 6085, and I have been thrilled with it ever since.  It is my BFF!!!  I really, REALLY love my sewing machine!!!

It has a few basic stitches.  The button hole and zig zag are great.  I wish it had a blanket stitch.  I don't really use any of the fancy stitches.  If you know what they are, leave me a comment.  Maybe I should try a few ;D

My favorite machine accessory is my darning foot.  This sweet little machine loves to fmq and I even quilt king sized quilts with it.  My machine ROCKS!!!

My favorite feature is that my machine sews and sews and sews... I plan to die before this machine does ;)

The cardboard and blue tape are there to level my extension table top that my dad made for me :)

Very soon after I started to fmq, I realized I needed more table top area.

My dad made this for me :)  He is the BEST and it's makes fmqing a breeze!

The black line is for when I am sewing binding strips together on the bias.  It keeps me from having to mark the fabric.  Some quilters use tape or a ribbon.  I figure it's my machine and my table so why not go all in and use a sharpie ;D  It works for HST's too :)

My machine does not have a name but this is my machines fancy tattoo.  

I would 100% recommend this machine to a friend.  ...but since they don't make it anymore, my best advice would be to spend the money and get a machine that is well made.  All of the bells and whistles wont do you any good if you are forever repairing or having to replace your machine.

If I could have any machine for free, I have no idea what I would choose.  I would probably spend a ton of time at every dealer in the state test driving them all. ...what a fun time that would be :)  I would pick a machine that has a needle up/down option and it would need to have a blanket stitch :)

To see my sewing area, click HERE.  I sew in the corner of our family room.  I would move into a bedroom, but then I would never be seen again.  This way, even if I am engulfed in a sewing project, I am still with everyone :)

To meet everyone's sewing machines, head over to The Tilted Quilt for the linky party.


  1. Oh my...that's a LOT of thread. LOL. I'm glad he was able to get it fixed up and purring again for you. =)

    Thanks for sharing about your looks like a keeper...and what a great table too. =)

  2. There's NOTHING worse than having your sewing machine in the hospital! BTW- I went back and saw your post about your sewing area. Do you remember the name of your table that you bought from Ikea? I know they have weird names and it's been a year. :-/ I'm looking for a new table too and 60 inches is PERFECT! Do you like it still?

  3. Oh,wow! How crazy that that much thread can get in there without us knowing about it. I suspect something similar is going on with my machine, but I won't know until next week. Hopefully mine's not killed by it, either! I am jealous of your all-metal lifetime workhorse. :)

  4. Marion! I just figured out how NOT to be a no-reply blogger and I fixed it. Squeeee! Now you can reply......(thank heavens for google-you can find the answers to anything!)

  5. LOVE the sewing table extension your dad made - that is SO AWESOME!

  6. I have an ancient Pfaff, and so I know the virtue of a "all metal" machine! Would not want to change it in the world..... but having a blanket stitch on it would be great!

  7. Wow, that's a lot of thread. I'm glad you were able to get it fixed!
    It was fun to meet you last night. =)

  8. HOLY CRAPPERS, I can't BELIEVE the thread Dr. Dan pulled out of there!!!!!! How was it even still working?! WOW!
    You had an amazing write up! Thank you so much for linking up with Stacey and I - we've had a wonderful response from this hop from people looking for their next machines and others just wanting to learn more about them!
    Thanks again :)


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