Friday, March 1, 2013

First Hand Applique :) [tutorial?]

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By now, you must know how much I love to do hand binding.  I am kind of a freak by most quilters definition.  I love the look of it, the feel of it, the process.  [It's OK if you think I am weird.]  Anyhoots. I have always been afraid to try turned applique sewn on by hand (is there are correct term for this?)

Well, several weeks ago, a new session of the Utah County Modern Quilt Group started up and the challenge quilt for this session is a medallion quilt.  I googled images of Medallion quilts and could find no inspiration :(  I finally received inspiration for my medallion quilt. [Do you see the heavens parting and hear the angels singing?]  I decided to do a hand appliqued monogram for the center block and set it like Kristin set her FABULOUS tree.

Now for the tough part...HOW DO I DO A TURNED MONOGRAM????  As usual, I turned to my trusty teacher, Google, and read many tutorials and watched videos.  Per my usual MO, I missmashed several different ones to find a method that would work for me :)

First I went into Word and found an "M" I like.  Not to skinny or curly ;) [We like things chunky around here]  I made it about 700 (whatevers) and printed it off.  Using my spray basting, I adhered the uncut "M" to one side of a file folder (no card stock to be found).  I carefully cut it out then removed the printer paper (I didn't want the ink to run on my fabric).  There was spray adhesive left on the file folder "M" and I used that to adhere the card stock "M" to the wrong side of my fabric :)

Next I cut the fabric to be an eyeballed 1/4" larger than the "M".  Using Best Press spray starch and an iron, I folded the fabric over the template and pressed it in place.  This took some careful finger maneuvering to keep from getting burned ;) ...and a lot of spray starch ;)

See how nice it looks from the back. L.O.L.

...and the front. [the side that counts]

Once it was dried and cooled, I carefully removed the card stock template.

 Now the question came up, "How do I stick it too the back ground fabric?"

As luck would have it, I had a large cardboard box right there :)  I flipped the box over and laid the "M" right side down and gave it a light spraying of basting spray.  Then I carefully placed it on the center of my backing fabric.  I used a few pins for good measure :)

Now for the hand stitching.  I used some of my super strong, super thin bobbin thread for the job.  It worked beautifully :)

Ta Da!  It was stitched in no time. [The "M" is about 9-10" tall]


Post pressing with a bit of Best Press for good measure.

Now today, I get to finish the block :)  I am very excited.  The whole quilt will be green and white with a titch of pink here and there for good measure.  [Pink and green are my favorite colors]  Each month at guild we will get a new border pattern to choose from.  I have decided that each border will represent a member of my family.  I am kind of getting excited :)


  1. If you love hand binding, you'll get addicted to hand applique :) Your M looks wonderful!

  2. That's really cool. The print that you chose made a beautiful 'M' !

    You'll be comfortable with hand-applique in no time at all, and laugh at yourself for your doubts !

  3. Oh, I would love to do a medallion quilt. When does this group meet? Can anyone join? I'm in Sp. Fork.

    1. The group meets the third saturday of each month at Broadbents. Anyone may join. Last month was the first meeting of the session. Each session lasts for 6 months. (It's not too late to join :))


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