Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The AmyHeatherMarionCabinFeverRetreat Star

Is that name long enough?

To tell the truth about this quilt, I TOTALLY copied Amy and Heather up at the Cabin Fever Retreat.  Those ladies are just SO AWESOME, I had to be just like them and make exactly what they were making too :)

While at Emily's Cabin Fever Retreat, I won 4 fat quarters in a game :)  ...and Emily also had a basket of scraps just laying around for the taking :)

I mixed and matched and chose 8 prints for my AmyHeatherMarionCabinFeverRetreat Star. (Isn't that name perfect?)

Here is Heather's BEAUTIFUL star.  She made hers out of a fq bundle she won at the retreat too :)  She is blogging about her AmyHeatherMarionCabinFeverRetreat Star today too :)  Head over and check it out HERE!!

The top came together at lightening speed :)  The start pattern is from a tutorial over at In Color Order.

For the quilting I used a concentric circle tutorial by Blooming Poppies.

This is my sweet son all wrapped up in the the quilt.  Oh the hazards of being the quilt model ;)

The back was inspired by Kati's awesome quilt backs.  She was one of the wonderful quilters who entertained us with a trunk show at the retreat.  She often uses left over fabric from the front to go on the back.  The large white and green floral is from a batch of vintage fabric I got from April.  It's perfect!!!

I am totally in love with the quilting.  It was not hard to do, just tedious ;)

Don't you want to make your own AmyHeatherMarionCabinFeverRetreat Star?


  1. Love it! I forgot the awesome funny name! Yes, let's make a plan to sew. I am feeling the need too! Love the quilt you amazing speedy lady!

  2. The retreat sounds like it was a blast-and so beautiful there!! I LOVE how your quilt turned out, and your circles look incredible. Thanks for linking back to my tutorial. I look forward to seeing what's next for you!!! Oh, and welcome to my Flickr group, so glad to have your photos!!!

  3. I have made this pattern before and I do think it's one of my favorites. It just lets the fabrics shine to their fullest. Great job. Maybe I need to try it again...! Especially now that I have a big ruler and will be able to more easily cut those squares and then triangles!

  4. OMG Marion, your blog is a dangerous place! You just gave me an idea what to do with my Jennifer Paganelli fabrics! I totally want to make one of these monsters and the quilting is fantastic! How long did it take you and what size is the quilt itself? Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  5. I would love to make that quilt. It is really beautiful. I love the purple one, as purple is my favorite color.

  6. You two are both amazing!! Mine? It's folded up in a pile, waiting for a back to be pieced and then maybe get quilted... Stay tuned. :)

    Your giant circle quilting is still the coolest thing ever. I LOVE it. And you! So glad we got to hang out. Looking forward to doing it again!! :)

  7. Oh wow that concentric quilting is dynamite!!

  8. the quilting is amazing...the finish product is a great finish.

  9. I would love to do a retreat one day. Sounds like you had a blast. The quilts are just beautiful. Your blog is great! I am your newest follower.

  10. So tooootally awesome!!! I may just try!


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