Friday, March 8, 2013

Medallion Quilt Fabric

As I was going through my fabric for this quilt, it became clear that I needed a little more pink :)

The Fat Quarter shop had a few pinks on sale that would be PERFECT!!!

Aren't they happy?

Here is everyone just waiting to get chopped up :D

...into something like this...

This is a serial killer sketch of the dreams I keep having about this quilts borders.

I have a few other borders sketched on the page opposite this one.   Maybe I will show you more of my crazy sketches another day ;D

On Thursday I spent the day shopping with Emily (CrazyOldLadies) in SLC.  We had the BEST TIME!!!

I was officially looking for more Medallion Quilt fabric, but I found some other goodies too...

Our first stop was at Thimbles & Threads in Draper, Utah.

...see, there is some green and pink in this batch...

...and these three cuts were irresistible!!! ...yes, three cuts with 6 colors on each :)

Soon we realized it was 11:36am, so we went to Cafe Rio for lunch :)  YUMMY!

After lunch we went to a place that I can't remember the name of and Emily has sworn me to secrecy about...

...I bought these fqs at the "secret" store.

Then we headed over to Pine Needles at Gardner Village to meet up with Suzanne.  
[Their new store is AWESOME!!!] fqb from Pine Needles :)  
[I couldn't resist the orange Jacks and the Pezzy's]

Lastly, since we had a few minutes, we stopped at Material Girls.  SO MUCH FUN!!!


I think my Medallion quilt bundle is looking pretty good!
Happy, in love and all together :)

What do you think?


  1. Lol at the serial killer sketch. I have dedicated notebooks for that but most end up on litte scraps of paper and napkins or whatever is within arms reach when I get an idea. I LOVE those three cuts with the six colors each and the rest of your goodies are wonderful too.

  2. Love all the fabric, and would of loved to have been on the shopping trip. Wish I could have had the fabric and the money to spend. The quilt looks fabulous.


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